D.I.Y. … Jewellery Cleaning 

Have you ever looked at your everyday jewellery like your wedding and engagement bands in amazed wonder, recollecting how it glittered, glinted and just radiated with every move of your finger as it caught and reflected the lights? What on earth happened? Surely it wasn’t that long ago and Diamonds are FOREVER, right right?  Let’s not even mention gold, platinum, titanium, silver, plutonium, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite, (oh the list is endless!) well, what on earth has dulled their brilliance?! 

Dulled diamonds
Unpolished diamonds
Before the wash

HARD WATER! That’s the culprit. Here are pretty easy tests you can do at home to determine what kind of water you have at home:

  1. After a shower or bath, examine your skin texture. If it feels a bit tight and drawn and there’s a whiteness on the skin as it dries (limescale) the water is hard. 
  2.  Boil your water in a kettle. If you find limescale in it after it has settled . . . The water is hard. 

Examine the effects of hard water on your skin, iron, glassware, etcetera what do you think it is doing to your precious, beautiful jewellery? 

It’s easy to decide to take them off every time you need to dip your hands in water, but that routine gets cumbersome, not to mention the horrific fear of accidentally losing it 😱!


What you need:

  1. Warm bottled clean water
  2. Dish soap
  3. Old toothbrush 
  4. A small sieve. 
  5. Paper towel

Diamonds in water
Ready for a wash
Polishing diamonds
Resurrecting the radiance
Alt text
The process

  • Pour the soap (5ml) into the warm water  (half a tumbler)   
  • Put your jewellery in. 
  • Leave overnight. 
  • Pick out your Jewellery, place the sieve above the tumbler (in order to catch any loose stone from your jewellery)
  • Using your toothbrush, gently brush the jewellery, if it has embedded stones like the one in the picture, carefully brush the sides, the surface, the back. 
  • Put jewel into the sieve and dip into the soapy water for a rinse and brush again. Carefully. Thoroughly. 
  • Rinse off with bottled water and pat dry with a paper towel. 
  • Congratulations! Your jewellery has regained its glamour. 
  • Repeat wash every two months if limescale accumulates rapidly. 
  • Wash once in 6 months if you have soft water. 


So much sparkle
Oh the radiance
Diamonds and gold
Diamonds are everyone’s best friends
Ever since I got that tip from a jeweller, in Harris, located in Cape Town, South Africa, I no longer look at my rings in despair. Now, you don’t need to either 😉. 

Until the next post; glitter, shimmer, radiate, and DAZZLE! You got this! 

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