Summer Holiday With A Toddler

It’s Summertime! Fashion sales, ice cream, sunshine, foreign cuisine, fresh air, romance and adventure!!! What’s not to love about summer? A lot of us would have planned our holidays months ahead, visas applied for and granted, flights booked, hotels chosen, spending money organised, travel bags packed! Phew! Now it is time to unwind. There’s only one catch, our adorable little toddler! Travel was much easier when he wasn’t toddling or chatting, and what’s worse, he just got on proper sleep routine And finally sleeps through the night despite his teething pains and now, all that would be disrupted and you would have to cuddle and keep him calm all through the flight!!!! This isn’t sounding like a holiday for you, is it? Lol. Not to worry, there are some great tips here to make things easier.

  1. CAR SEAT: Invest in an Aviation approved car seat. You can take that onboard with you and have your precious little one sleep in it. Make sure the car seat has the FAA approved certification sticker on the side or the cabin crew would not let you use it. We learnt the hard way and unfortunately had to stow Harry-Zander’s car seat in cargo.
  2. ADULT SEAT: If you can afford it, pay the full amount for a seat for him. Don’t do the infant or child fee. You pay almost the same fee you have paid for yourself and your partner. Pricey, yes? But weigh the comfort you both get against the stress of squeezing you both in a seat while you try to calm and cuddle him. At least, with an extra seat for your toddler, you would have enough room for everyone. What’s best, you get more luggage allowance. 
  3. WEATHER: Be sure to check the temperature of the city you would be arriving in and keep the appropriate outfits in a carry-on for him or her. Also, ensure you have sleep suits for your toddler to sleep in while enroute. You don’t want to make that precious one cranky with the additional restriction of a waist band be it trouser or skirt. The diaper is enough restriction. 
  4. DRUGS: Be sure to have infant painkillers (Calpol, BabyRex, teething powder or Infant Paracetamol. If your child has a cold, and is on flu medication, pack those as well and place in your carry-on (hand luggage). This is especially needful if your precious toddler is teething. Also, take your Little Ones usual supplements with you; vitamin C, Codliver oil, Omega 3, etcetera. 
  5. FOOD & SNACKS: We know exactly how important this is.  You definitely do not want to be travelling with a hungry or peckish toddler and have nothing to appease them with. So be sure to pack a lot of cereal, precooked meals in a food flask to keep warm, hot water in a water flask, favourite biscuits, smoothies And lots of drinking water. If your toddler takes milk, do have that handy as well. Take an empty bowl, and cup so you can dish the food out and mix the milk accordingly. Don’t worry, there’s hardly any restrict on how much food or liquid you can take on board when travelling with a baby. It is a fantastic idea to feed your Little One just before take off as swallowing helps with the air pressure that usually affects the ears causing babies to wail in confusion and pain. 
  6. Food, snacks and water
    Flying with a toddler
  7. FIRST AID: Never travel without a handy first aid kit whether with a child or without. You never know what emergency might crop up. So, be prepared. Be sure it is fully stocked with all you need and this includes anti histamine for allergies and a throaty and nose suction. Now for you, do include a condom or morning after pill if you are NOT going for baby no 2 (at the moment) and you are not on any other form of birth control.
  8. NECK REST: Very essential travel accessory for you and your LO. Please ensure you get the right size for your Precious One’s little neck. This gives you both so much comfort when dozing or sleeping by supporting the neck. 
  9. FAVORITE TOYS: Please ensure you don’t leave that behind. If it’s too bulky or noisy, take one that’s smaller or quieter and hope that would keep the peace. Lol. Good luck.  
  10. DIAPERS, WET WIPES, SANITARY PADS OR TAMPONS: You really do not want to be that Mom, Parent or Person. #enoughsaid. Lol. Be sure to pack things accordingly. Know where each item is. And once you get onboard, take out some diapers, the wipes, snacks and water and keep really handy so you don’t have to get up and bother other weary travellers. 
  11. BE EMOTIONALLY AND PSYCHOLOGICALLY PREPARED: You would be exhausted. And if you have more than 1. . . goodness! I give you a thumbs up! 👍🏽 And if your Little One is used to having a bath at night, try to give him or her one before you head for the airport. Do your best to stay as close as possible to your Night time Bath routine Before you leave, so he/she is relaxed and would consider the events before you get onboard an extra treat.

Exhaustion is the Word
Long flight
Until the next post, enjoy the holidays and remember to buy clothes, shoes and toys an age or two too big for your toddlers present age. You get more of your money’s worth that way. 

Happy Holidays. Thank you for stopping by. Have you found this post useful? Please let me know by leaving a comment. 

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