In this much, there is a nothing!!!!! … More NOTHING


Home to me means family, memories made and to be made, secrets shared, tears wept and cleaned and walls that shook with laughter. Home is a smell, a song, a book, a movie. Home is all encompassing. I am NOTHING without home. … More HOME GOALS

Being An Expat Mum

Following up on my Being A Mum post, I interviewed some expatriate mothers to get a grasp on what mothering away from home and immediate family means; Their challenges and the upsides. Being a new expatriate mum, this interview really helped me prepare myself mentally for the challenges ahead. … More Being An Expat Mum

Dating . . . 

You need to find yourself, know yourself, arm yourself and guard yourself before you can really recognise who is worthy of you. And when that person who is worthy comes along, you mustn’t lose your advantage over every other distraction out there, you must remain through to yourself. … More Dating . . .