She Leads . . . Leading Ladies

This post really excites me. I love to give accolades to those who are working hard to make a difference, set our world on fire and do more than just exist. And when it is ladies . . . Oh yeah!!! We are SHE!!! We stoop to conquer, we slay to conquer, we glide to conquer and we STUN! So, here are some of my leading ladies. Their pictures have their instagram handles on them so you can easily find them on instagram if you are so moved. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Of course, I’ll start with myself @theladyval. There’s a Nigerian adage that says one who has a voice and hands must first lead the cheer for herself ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸฝValentina Hynes is a Humanitarian, Life Survival Coach, an Event Floor Manager, A Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, Blogger and Youtuber. She also is a Humanitarian and is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society and a small business owner; V14 Ventures which dedicates itself to revolutionising event floor management and bettering her community through an annual event tagged; Giving Back by V14. She leaves  her business handle on instagram @hzhbyv14 where she leaves life survival tips.

Life Survival Tips
Valentina Hynes

e that compels me to save, be financially savvy and focus on being better.  @mmwithnimi. Nimi Akinkungbe is the CEO of Bestman Games, she is a writer, a financial advisor (she drops Frequent invaluable financial advice). She is a Humanitarian who supports various community developments like Giving Back by V14, aspiring writers and is dedicated to helping people make better financial decisions. She is also an avid gardener who prefers to grow from seedlings.

Money Matters
Nimi Akinkungbe

teddyvirgo, owner of Theoskitchen. She is a Humanitarian, a Yogi, Poet, and Romance Conceirge. She is revolutionising the Nigerian Breakfast industry starting with Lagos using Theoskitchen which provides Healthy and affordable pre-ordered breakfast to Professionals and families. She also provides on the go tour meals for travellers.

Theodora Chimonez

vpadventures owner Funmi Oyatogun. Her commitment to Branding Nigeria’s tourism and showing both Nigerians and the world how fun, revitalising and educative Travel especially group travel is through her savvy products, catchy storylines and attention grabbing images. It is no wonder she has become a force to be reckoned with.

The Village Pot
Funmi Oyatogun

Wonder Woman @9ineteenworks. Chichi Umeseaka is a core humanitarian and she she has dedicated her life to moulding teenagers thus ensuring they are better adults. She is a Teenage Coach, a Presenter, a Writer and has recently been appointed the Special Adviser to the Abia State Governor on Teen Matters. Her brand name is 9ineteen Works through which she recently set up 9ineteen Business Hub where she tours the country setting up vocational training skills for teenagers. (Like I always say, what you learn with your hands, you can’t really unlearn!)

Teen Coach
Chichi Umeseaka

ing the heat yet? Coming up is @hirohairven. Irogama Ogbeifun is the owner of Hairven which specialises in Hair products for weaves. Products like conditioners, shampoos, serums etcetera. She inspired a lot of people male and female when she emerged the MTN Next Titan competition in 2013 thus giving her business a much more powerful new lease of life which she has kept propelling to much higher heights. Research, hard work, commitment and charity are the obvious values of her business tactics to the casual onlooker.

Irogama Ogbeifun

ing line up of Leading women. In focus now is @adannajazmine. Adanna Monder founder of Glow Healthng. She recently launched a N7500 (ยฃ20) healthy 15 days different meals challenge. This proved that you can eat healthy meal varieties for half a month without robbing a bank. Good project. She’s changing perceptions of what healthy eating and a generally healthy lifestyle is about and it looks to be fun. She is also one of the founders of the Non-Profit organisation SVI (Survivors Voice International) a cancer awareness and support group. She totally grinds to conquer.


Healthy Eating
Adanna Monde

. Barivule Badom is an example of turning what you love into a business and never having to work a day in your life. Owner and Head Chef Verdure Treats an indoor and outdoor food catering company, private chef services and tastebuds teaser. She’s turning Port Harcourt, Nigeria on its ears and would take over the country soon at the rate she’s going. Commitment and dedication shows in the details she puts in her catering.

Verdure Treats
Barivule Badom

er Woman is @thelondonmom. Irene Johnson is a blogger with a sure, steady and real voice that is sure being listened to and gaining more traction by the day. She’s a Humanitarian and is dedicated to living simply and enjoying the simple things. Real works best for her and she doesn’t hide this. In this day and age of “fakers”, she is a breath of fresh air.

Irene Johnson

pers? Oh yes, please. @misspinkleach has broken barriers in the online personal shopping experience in Nigeria. Mariam Adebayo a perfect model of excellent customer relations, going the extra mile to satisfy clients. She took what she loves doing and turned it into a great business. It is worthy of note to add that She also invests in giving back to her community.

Online Personal Shopper
Mariam Adebayo

n, @sheilaojei Writer, Poet, and Playwright. Sheila Ojei is co-founder S&S Creative Media. Her work Single In Gidi has received several accolades from a lot of literary critics. She is one flame that burns brightly and sparks beautifully. She is quite renown for her spoken words poetry.

Single in Gidi
Sheila Ojei

to you the self acclaimed @lepresident_. Oluchi Delphine Offor is an event planner extraordinaire with a focus on decor, a vegetable farmer, and a floral paper maker. She is well known for her attention to detail, and delivering projects on budget and time. Her brand name is DUR. This woman says to conquer.

Oluchi Offor

e’s the upcoming flame @galasia_closet who like a caterpillar emerged on the fashion scene and has morphed into a butterfly that stuns. Her pieces are on the shelves of notable fashion houses and closets of top stylists. Can you say Leader? Yes. This is one to watch out for.

Fashion Designer
Linda Ikenze

hotter in here. I now present to you, @Officialtopaz. Tope Hassan is the founder of Isoko Africa which is a media platform which introduces African brands to the global market helping them compete on an almost equal footing with international brands. Her vision is to help strengthen the African economy. She is also a Yogi instructor and a media speaker.

Isoko Africa
Tope Hassan

er one I admire from afar, @anitabrows. This Leading Woman is one of the strongly and fiercely burning flames in the beauty industry. Her Humanitarianism has helped shape a lot of futures by providing a source of income. Her work shows thorough attention to detail. It is therefore no wonder her client list is full A-List celebrities. Anita Adetoye is definitely one to give a thumbs up to.

Anita Adetoye

mary_joak. Mary Akinlabi is a fashion illustrator and designer. Brands are starting to find illustrations easier And what better time to shine than now. Her illustrations are quirky, apt, colourful and her work ethic is disciplined. She illustrates to slay, if I do say so myself. Even her picture is an illustration.

Fashion illustrator
Mary Akinlabi

ion Designer without beautiful quality fabrics? My Leading Woman. Founder of @silk_by_vicki trades in excellent fabrics, designs and continuously celebrates her clients. Victoria Umoh has gradually grown her business and now has top Nigerian designers amongst her clientele.

Victoria Umoh

m sometimes puzzle you? How some people seem to make it big there, get paid to do adverts, get amazing interactive followers, sell, etcetera. My next leading Woman @jazz_entrepreneur gives these Tips to all who are eager to learn. Julchit Dadi is an instagram content creator who is definitely one to look out for. A flame about to escalate.

Instagram content creator
Julchit Dadi

o admire about a woman who’s not afraid to hustle creatively? Here’s @justgerry. Geraldine Ejiofor is one who I have been watching for a while and I admire her resilience and savviness. Recently, she launched her YouTube channel and she’s taken makeup tutorials a step further for the average Nigerian and West African. She teaches in Pidgin English. Such confidence to be herself and carve a niche. Shes in the Fashion, Beauty and Spa industry and is never afraid to shake things up.

Beauty, fashion and spa
Geraldine Ejiofor

Lady’s nickname couldn’t be more apt . . . CIA. Chiamaka Ifediora is the founder of Naocculture through which she lives out her nickname, CIA by giving tips which you might not come across in a travel guide about the cultures, rules and regulations of various countries. Truly living up to her initials. She loves nothing better than packing her bags and experiencing new adventures and she loves to take others along, developing travel products. She takes no prisoners when it comes to efficient delivery.

Chiamaka Ifediora

when you combine grit, savviness and humanitarianism? Well, my attention is got, and my respect earned. Founder of @rentadress_nostress, Monique Ededuuan is a force to be reckoned with. This is a leading lady through and through and only recently launched her project the Independent Women through which she assembles other leading women to inspire other women and provide much needed capital and boost to their businesses after a careful perusal of their business proposals and plans. Rent A Dress No Stress has survived the odds in a society that shuns renting and would rather impoverish itself to buy, regardless of the implications.

Rent a dress no stress
Monique Ededuuan

g this post and my line up of Leading Women. Next on my list is @bregha. Omoregha Bisola is an MUA whose work I truly admire and respect. In fact, I learnt makeup from her coaching. Her work is catchy and personable. She has a stamp and she uses it liberally on faces bringing out the personality of her portraits. An Architect who has turned beauty into a true art with fine brushes, strokes and blends.

Omoregha Bisola

for this post . . . I present to you @teeamaka. Amaka Adigwe is a torch rapidly becoming a much brighter flame. She is one who I take personal pride in as I have watched grow and spread her wings. She is a designer, a media presenter, hair stylist and Humanitarian. My protege who I am proud to introduce as one of my leading ladies.

Amaka Adigwe

r reading through. This is an inexhaustible list and I have in no way scratched the surface of my Leading Women. These are women changing their communities and the world one step at a time. Don’t stop pushing, women!

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