I am partaking in two WordPress courses and I was given assignments by both, so I have resourcefully decided to merge them in one post. One course is Branding and Growth and the other is Developing Your Eye. On BG, I was assigned to write down my three set goals for V14adventures and on DE I am to photograph and post what Home means to me. I’m excited and motivated by these topics and that bodes really well for my participation albeit I will be turning in assignments late because I’ve got a very tight schedule at the moment.  

I’m often asked by friends and family what Blogging means to me and why I do it. I blog because I want to be heard, thus Blogging for me, represents a platform through which I can speak and be heard, I can have a discourse with you, not just in my head. I always catch myself having  conversations in my head on life as I know it and then I wonder if someone else is thinking the same. Now, I have a platform to actually present these conversations and be heard. It is also a no-brainer that a blog like a book must have form, order and goals. So here are mine:

  1. Do a new post once a week at least. Now, how can I expect to hold your interest if my posts are few and far between? I must commit to checking in regularly so as to preserve our interest in each other. 
  2. Interview others for tips and fresh perspectives on motherhood, decoration, event planning, relocation, job hunting, relationships, etcetera. You even get to choose topics. 
  3. Weekly Visit the blogs of fellow bloggers, like and comment on their posts which I can relate to. And follow the blogs with content I would like to read more of. 

Since we have established why I blog, let’s have a conversation of what HOME means to me. I’m a bit restricted here because I can only use pictures I took myself so I can’t quite mention all the other ways HOME I define home, like my parents and siblings, of grandparents and cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. Home to me means family, memories made and to be made, secrets shared, tears wept and cleaned and walls that shook with laughter. Home is a smell, a song, a book, a movie. Home is all encompassing. I am NOTHING without home. 

My men

Home, they say is where the heart is and truer words have never been said, I have come to discover. Wherever those two are, that for me is home. I look at them and I see  what my heart looks like and I’m pleased, because it is beautiful. I have a beautiful heart. Lol. 


Home is where I have laid down roots and watched them blossom 

Foots and blossoms

Home is where I was brought up with my siblings by our parents

Family Home
Childhood home

Home is where there are friends, the fun flows, the drinks are cold and the food is tasty

Food, fun and friends

Home is where I can let my creative juices flow and be supported and applauded. 

Fashion Designer
Sis wearing my Goddess design

Home is where we can be spontaneous like jumping into the pool for a skinny dip 

Swimming baby
Spur of the moment

Home is where we can be silly and in love, fight and make up and be at peace 

Silly selfie

Home is where all three of us are together: in the car, on the road, in the sky or in the house. Home is we 3, together, healthy and happy. 

FAMILY selfie
Road trip
Car selfie

What does home mean to you? I’ll like to know. Do leave a comment please. 

2 thoughts on “HOME GOALS

  1. You have captured it beautifully. Home for me, is where my memories are made. Home is where I am at peace (could be a person, a place or an activity). I have found home in different people and different places. Take for instance, Israel. EVERYTIME I go there, I get this feeling of peace and home once the plane begins its descent into the country. At night, I walk around the city and watch people doing their evening rituals, going about their business. Away from tourists and pilgrims. It is home.

    My family- immediate and extended- I always feel right at home when I have them around.

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    1. Home for me, is where my memories are made. Home is where I am at peace (could be a person, a place or an activity). I have found home in different people and different places.

      Love that. Thank you!


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