I am combining two assignements in one post, street photography and Water! 

I love vibrant streets full of colour, people, shops, lovely homes and amazing interactions. Place me in such a street and I’m instantly at home. My new home is in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and it has an abundance of vibrant streets so, I let my legs take me to Leeds Road where I stood poised with my iPhone camera ready to take several pictures of the street and pedestrians. Some men driving past in a van called my attention to say “Your hair is very LOVELY!” With emphatic nods. I smiled and waved a “thank you”. Who doesn’t love compliments? 

A man, his dog and the pharmacy
A group of school girls

Harrogate’s major attractions are: flowers, dogs, children, trees and cars. You are bound to come across all 5 on every street. Lol.

Street photo
Getting the shopping done
Season change
I have never experienced the English winter and seeing the leaves on the trees turn russet and then fall onto the streets fill me with romance and dread! You see, I come from Nigeria (West African country) where the sun is fierce and the rains are impressive. Our coldest weather lately has been 24•. Here the sun shines and the rain falls and the cold winds blow and this is Summer/Autumn – 15• What would Winter here be like? (Eyes wide, mouth open)! 

Water on these Streets

As I staked out the streets in the rain, a light shower really, I thought of my plants and how they would be enjoying the wetness and how it means I don’t have to water them everyday! But despite the constant showers, they do need plant food and water to thrive. Water is vital to existence. I cannot think of a single aspect of life that water isn’t essential to. I hotfooted it back home and fortunately, my husband was out watering the plants, how perfect! 

Watering plants
A portrait view
Water photograph
A horizontal view
Developing your eye
Water on these streets
The force was certainly with me today. I had the street, the rain and watering can. Lol. What’s your ideal street? 

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