We Should Be More Selfish. 

Nothing gives me more pleasure than knowing I’m making a difference and that I’m encouraging others to do the same. There are 90 days left before the end of the year, how about we use that time and make more of a difference? Let’s help some families have a fabulous end of year by providing the basic necessities. 

A more special hamper

Here’s an easier way for us to do it: every time you go grocery shopping, buy two of everything . . . Get a bag and place these spare items in them. At Christmas or year end, identify people in need around you and hand the items over. This is like a hamper, only more meaningful. 

Another great way is the gift of our time and skills. What are you great at? Look around you, find a struggling but promising soul. Someone who reminds you of you when you started out and lend that helping hand you stayed awake at night in the past praying for. It might be in the form of advice, logo design, an introduction, a phone call, an ad post for social media, an endorsement, a free tutorial, free makeup for someone, a visit, search your heart for what you can do. An idle mind is the workshop of evil. It is our responsibility to stop evil, let’s keep minds busy. 


Little drops  make an ocean, only with kindness can we heal the world. Regardless of what we are going through, there’s always someone worse off than we are. It’s the little things that count, the self therapy of helping another. For even in kindness, there is a certain selfishness and that is the pleasure of satisfaction. We must all become more selfish by being kind. 


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