Growing Your Business With Content

A while back, I joined a conversation on Instagram about content generation for businesses and someone commented stating it was very difficult to generate interesting content for her service business on social media. As an Event Creator, I work with a lot of Event Vendors and there are qualities that make me pick one over the other and stick with them inspite of the huge competition in the business. For this post, I’ll focus on Drink Vendors. 

Content Creation for A Drinks Vendor

  • Google image
    Cocktail Recipes
  • Cocktails & Recipes: posting about this educates the reader, and creates the opinion that you are a cocktail guru or maestro. One a day and you have a full month worth of posts. 
  • Drinks & Personality Types: Drinking is personal and understanding this, being able to size up a person and have a 90% accurate guest of what their drink choice would be . . . Now that’s FUN. This works for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. 
    Fun drinks
    Cocktails and Personalities
  • Hygiene Tips: The knowledge that you take this seriously enough to talk about this, makes one more comfortable to use your services. 
  •  Alcoholic Brands and Blending: Go a step beyond others, take a leaf from the marketing teams of the brands. 
    Barcadi Cocktails
    Barcadi Oakheart Blends
  • Quick Service: One of an Event Manager’s worst nightmares is having guests waiting to get drinks while the drink vendors dither. 
  • Wines: Can you deliver excellent wines on budget? Yes? Great. Dedicate some posts divvying up different wines and their price ranges. 
  • Glasses, Boards and Menus: Invest in attractive and durable glasses, boards and Menus. 
  • Photography: Photo sessions are fun. Get a good photographer, get shots of you in action and post them with an engaging little story. 
  • The Value of Professionalism: This is vast. Cover points like Punctuality, Staff Appearance, Knowledge, Humour, Politeness, etc. 

Feel free to Get in touch if you need customised consultation. As always, the internet makes everything bridges everything so distance is not a barrier. 

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