How To Raise Your Brand Profile

Strategic Advertising
Raising Your Profile

Speculating to Accumulate is the mantra of all successful businesses. And they speculate more on Experiential Marketing. The savvy business owner understands that to influence and receive, one must give what is perceived by the receiver to be huge. 

Experiential Marketing is the creation of a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. That said, is Experiential Marketing advertising? Yes, in a more subtle form. 

If you are a service provider in a desperate need to raise your brand profile, consider engaging in Experiential Marketing. It is pertinent to note that like all forms of advertising, this does not always mean an immediate engagement of services. However, it does mean that you generate interest while creating positive memories which in turn leads to word of mouth advertising and ultimately, patronage. 

For example: A Financial Planner looking to raise his/her profile and generate more clients can apply these two plans: 

  1. Provide constant short definitive but ambiguous Financial advice on your social media platforms. Almost everyone is on social media and so is your target clientele. These frequent tips from you position to your readers as an authority who can be trusted with their savings. 
  2. Hire an Event Creator (do get in Touch) either as a consultant or a planner to plan a seminar or workshop for you. What’s the use? Well, this is the best way to get your target clients to come to you so you WOW them with your knowledge. 

Valentina Hynes
Experiential Marketing Event with 7 Days

Today’s business world runs on ambiguity and that’s the beauty of Experiential Marketing. Giving your target just enough to make them thirstier, never enough to quench the thirst. 

If you are a make up artist newly setting up, you can;

  1.  Hunt down fashion shows, wedding fairs, event planners and offer your service for free. Never be afraid to work for free at first. How else can you build/generate trust and loyalty? Everyone is looking to cut costs and if the only way in is free, get on board. You must create your own platform to showcase your skills. What’s more, these events add to your business portfolio. Who’s to know you did this for free but for you and the planners? 
  2. Be strategic. Where are your clientele congregated?

The beauty of Experiential Marketing is that it is strategic and a better form of advertising because you provide the experience that bridges the association with your brand in the minds of your target customers. Experiential Marketing works for every business category and there are Experiential Marketing Events that go with each business. 

Be strategic or let V14 be strategic for you, success is the goal at the end of the day. 


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