Hey Mr DJ

Music creates great memories and with so many out there, how do you choose and make your events memorable? What’s it like being a DJ?

I caught up with DJ Ocean from Nigeria for an interview. DJ Ocean whose real name is Osahan Aluya has built his brand to be synonymous with Quality, Excellence, Respect, Flexibility and a lover of the 70s -90s. I have used his services before and I can confidently attest to this. My parties JAMMED!!!

You are old school at heart, Right?Why did you choose the name DJ Ocean?

A: I love the 70s till 2000. Don’t fancy some of the new stuffs out there they have no message and music is a medium.

The name Ocean was given by my friend because my constant search for new music is as deep as the ocean. Which is a lot like my personality. Deep. I love content especially in music and that’s how my name relates to my personality.


Music and events . . . Should music be tailor made to event types, or does any music go?

A: Yes music should be tailor made for each circumstance but keep your Playlist flexible.

In your opinion, how do you rate a good Dj?

A: A good dj to me is rated for his professionalism, his song selection and techniques his ability to work a crowd.

DJ Ocean

In today’s social media era, how do you grow your social media profile?

A: Social media in this day and age has become a tool to promote businesses and djs are not left out of it. It has brought the world closer and so djs use social media to promote themselves and their business. Most clients often check out your media profile to see who your client base are and who you have djed for etc.

You can grow your social media profile by pre gig broadcasts upload photos and video. Also there are the use of blogs also. A huge online presence is good


What’s your greatest challenge working with Event Creators?

A: Low pay and delays in payments. DJs are one of the most important vendors at an event, and you would expect we would be treated accordingly. But we are usually offered the least fees and then expected to bring the sound as well. These equipments are expensive and our pay should mirror this. Also, some Event Creators tend to lose our respect and trust by delaying our payments after a job has been done.

What’s your biggest challenge as a DJ?

A: People. Working directly with people is a huge challenge as people are not fixed variable. They are unpredictable. So, to narrow down the unpredictability, I have a couple of one on one meetings with my clients to get a feel of their personalities and to get their music list. Songs they want played at certain times and of course the event program.

There are some events, especially weddings where people who weren’t involved in the consultation try to throw you by demanding you play certain songs at certain times completely different from the ones chosen by the clients. When that happens, I just stick to the script.

Also, I try to meet with the MC or guest artistes as they could throw unforeseen curve balls. Meeting them helps me prepare and cue my playlist accordingly. There’s nothing worse than having an ill prepared Dj at an event.

Thank you for your time DJ OCEAN.

Osahan Aluya

His instagram handle is @djocean7691.

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