8 Goody Bag Ideas

The year is almost over and everyone is scrambling to put together their goody bags for Events (it’s Party Season!) and to appreciate important clients. This is necessary as it is not just excellent PR it is sly marketing.

Here are some ideas to set you apart from the crowd. Patronise your local market and make a small business owner leap for joy.

  1. Commission a personalised illustration from a graphic illustrator. Mary Akinlabi (Mary_Joak) is a remarkable illustrator. She’s creative and delivers on time. Once this illustration is done, you can decide to place it on a mug, a notepad, a phone case, or simply frame it.
  2. Handcrafted gift sets from bamboo or coconut shells like wine holders, cups and jugs or Jewellery cases. If you are in Nigeria, try Justin Obansa.
  3. Visit an art gallery. You’ll find some remarkable and budget friendly paintings to gift with.
  4. Books. There are tons of excellent writers out there, with amazing books. Either buy a paperback/hardcopy or buy a kindle with your choice books and poetry pre-loaded. You can even gift a book via okada books.
  5. Hand crafted key rings.
  6. Purchase pictures from photographers, frame and gift. Street photography is quite the thing now.
  7. Hand made snacks like bars and nut mixtures. Most people resolve to live healthier lives come the new year. This is a fantastic way to encourage healthy eating.
  8. Handmade cosmetics like soaps and candles.

There you have it. Short, sweet, unique and absolutely memorable ideas to keep you ahead of the pack and in the good books.

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