Events and Budgets PT 1.

You can have a classy and beautifully executed event without breaking the bank. All you need is topnotch strategic and savvy planning, creative and professional vendor partners, and two budgets. The first budget is the actual budget you can afford without going bankrupt and the second is what you can afford and still have some left over.

Let’s say you are planning a wedding:

First off, do not take the entire planning and management on yourself. You would be stressed on your wedding day. You need coordinators. So first off, hire a planner. You don’t need an A-List planner. You need an effective planner and with the world of social media, it is easy to find them now.


  • Social Media has made it so easy to find vendors and to vet them. When you find the vendor you are searching for, carefully and thoroughly go through their Timeline.
  • Investigate by searching them on Google. You’ll find everything ever written about them on google.
  • Next, find people who they have worked with or for and ask about their services. It’s your big day, you must be thorough.
  • Finally, if you haven’t properly vetted the vendor, do not pay more than 50% before the job is done. Pay the balance the moment the job is completed. You can pay a post dated cheque for clearing the very next day after the event.

In the next post, we’ll find out how to choose venues colours and themes to fit in with your budget. Until then, happy planning.

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