So, it was my son’s 2nd birthday in May and we had a fabulous time. We ordered his cake from Special Occasions, Harrogate. A special cake for a Thomas and Bing crazy toddler.

Themed CakesThomas, The Tank Engine and Bing Bunny.

One of the gifts I was adamant on getting him was a car because I wanted to replace the one he had in Nigeria. But, I didn’t want just any car (I had to be wise here as a normal car would be limited in it’s use due to a lack of space to zoom around in). So, I decided, a car with a push handle would be lovely!

The car he had in Lagos, Nigeria

I went online shopping on Argos and found a McLaren car that looked perfect for me. I ordered and paid but didn’t realise it didn’t go through. Two days to his birthday, I’m wondering what’s happened to my order and I get back on the Argos site. Oh No! Horror of Horrors! It’s still in my shopping cart and if I paid then, it wouldn’t be delivered until three days after his birthday. No! That won’t do at all. So, off to Amazon I went for help. A bit of a long story there, but darling Amazon came through and I got it. Hit the 👍🏽 if Amazon has come through for you, severally.

Push ChairsStep 2 McLaren Car

The perfect buggy for an active toddler. With excellent storage. We can cover miles and miles in an easy pace without the usual buggy meltdowns rambunctious toddlers usually get. It is entertaining to him, myself and the onlookers and is a huge conversation starter.

It is compact enough to fold into the boot/trunk of a mini, because the handle bar can be folded into the bottom of the McLaren. You can even take it on a bus.

UK BusRiding the Bus in Style

And it has fantastic storage space. 3 cup holders, and an under seat storage. It goes smoothly. I find it much easier to navigate than the conventional push chair.

Toddler CarsSo much storage

What’s not to love? I’ll give it 50 stars if I could, the only drawback it isn’t nap friendly. But then, we can’t always have it all. Right?

Mommy Toddler FashionSelfie Time

I wonder why more parents don’t use this?

Thank you for reading and please do let me know what you think of unconventional buggies or push chairs, in the comment section. Xx

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