UK Home Office: Don’t Break Up My Home!

The Home Office has denied me a Leave To Remain in the UK on the flimsy excuse of not having a compassionate enough reason to be granted a Leave to Remain. According to them, I’m over the age of 18 and 25, have lived in Nigeria all my life and therefore can be reintegrated back into Nigeria and my husband, who has an 89 year old mother living a 10 minute walk from us, has been deemed to have emotional support to help him and our 2 year old son without me. Does this sound right or reasonable to you? Why has our son’s right to a family life and security been so blatantly ignored? Why is it okay for the UK Government to condemn the American immigration laws but do the very same back home? Isn’t this a reverse form of segregation? Should love be within borders?

Apparently, the heart attack of a British Citizen, a two year old toddler with a British heritage, an 89 year old British Granny who also wrote a supporting letter in my application, are not Compassionate enough grounds.

Apparently, being self supporting, owing no bills, not depending on the state for anything, but Giving Back to the society by volunteering at Dementia Care Homes, toddler groups, Commonwealth programs, to mention but a few isn’t enough to prove we (I) am an asset to any community or country. I shouldn’t have to do good deeds and blow it up with a foghorn. It demeans the spirit it was done in. But, we’ve been forced to.

The question people are asking the UK Home Office Secretary, Sajid Javid is; “Do mixed children with British heritage have no rights? Why is their basic human right to family life and security being threatened by The UK Home Office?”

Do you know that there are over 130,000 cases like ours on asking the Home Office to reconsider its bureaucratic stance? Do you know that over 120,00 families are forcefully split up by the UK Home Office? I’m not talking about illegal immigrants. Isn’t this an astonishing number? And this doesn’t include the families who cower away in silence afraid to fight for their rights. The number of those are even more astounding!

Why is it okay for The UK Home Office to split up families and expect parents to bring up their children via Skype and social media, all while admitting that the applicant has a valid marriage and subsisting relationship with their spouse? The family is the first civilisation and community a child is introduced into. From the family, the child learns moral, ethical and social lessons. The child learns about love and responsibility. Break this up and you have a civilisation full of crime and conceited, uncaring people. Crime rate in the UK has been going up and a lot of misinformed people have been blaming immigrants for this. The blame in actuality lies with the Home Office for breaking up families.

Our story has been reported by our local radio station – Stray Fm.

Why is it okay for The UK Home Office to charge such exorbitant fees that are non refundable and not even consider each application carefully and without bias?

Why is it okay to make applicants wait for at least 6 months before they are told of the fate of their application?

Why is it okay to push families like ours to air our laundry in public in a bid to get the attention of the Home Office?

No, it’s not right. And I thank you all who have supported this petition for speaking out with us. God bless you all. Let’s keep the heat burning.

You can help us out by signing and sharing this petition. And retweeting my tweets on the handle @valentinahynes (twitter) #nomummydontgo.

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