Cornwall, Cocktails & Handsome Males

Oh what a glorious summer this was. Lots of sunshine, victory and laughter!

FamilyLove, Sunshine, Victory & Laughter

Not having had a holiday in what seemed like forever, our last intended holiday over a year ago, turned into an emergency health debacle. We were past due for a getaway. Problem was, my passport was still with the UK Home Office, hence we had to stay local. Hubby decided on Cornwall; Favoured Family Holiday destination of his childhood. So, to Cornwall we went. One caveat from me though, I wanted a proper hotel, with a lovely bar that makes awesome cocktails and it must have a fantastic restaurant. A girl’s gotta have some creature comforts. Isn’t that what a holiday is about? πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Melanin Drizzled
What a wonderful world
A View of The Green Bank Hotel from Town

After much research, we picked The Green Bank Hotel, Falmouth. It gave off all the holiday vibes I wanted (a harbour full of boats, a lovely bar and an awesome restaurant, and rooms with fab views!) and best of all, the rates weren’t going to ruin our bank account.

I sincerely had no idea what to expect, not with England being England especially with the weather, but it was glorious!

Father and son
Both ARE MINE! πŸ’ƒπŸ½

I had more than my fill of exotic cocktails (the bar staff were very accommodating and happy to have a guinea pig to experiment on. Lol).

Cocktail types
Cornish BlackBerry Breakfast Martini
Martini Cocktails
A Really Wet Ginger Martini

The restaurant, oh my goodness, the food was AMAZING! (Take me back!) And even our Lil Genius learnt how to place his order for his usual “Bean & Toast & Eggy pwiz”.

Mother and son dining
Lunch Now please

They also have an amazing spa which I visited for an emergency manicure, thanks to the Nail Bar which I had visited the day before going off on holiday doing such a horrible job. The Spa Lady, Lindsay (a real jewel. I travelled 6 hours plus by road to meet a fellow Earth sister πŸ’ƒπŸ½).

Our room was really lovely (it had a view of the harbour, which thrilled our Little Genius no end! We woke and slept to excited screams of ‘BOAT!’) and had a cot bed put in for our Lil Genius. And then, there were crabbing buckets and lines. Sad and pleased to report, the boys didn’t hook any crabs.

Father and son crabbing
Going Crabbing

Then we had a lovely time exploring most of Cornwall. We visited Sennen Cove, Porthcurno ,Porth Levan, and best of all, St. Ives where I got all the quirky souvenirs I love to get.

St Ives
Bird Time in St. Ives
Cornwall scenes
The High street in Falmouth
Trails in Cornwall
Hello Saint Levan
Exploring Falmouth
A jewel off Market Street, Falmouth

And then, we went kite flying to round up our lovely holiday! We all had a blast and sought to extend our stay, but the hotel was fully booked and we sadly decided to leave, and return to reality.

Kite flying
Flying a kite on the beach

Have you been to Cornwall? What do you think of it? I think it is a great artsy place easily misleading one to believe you are no more in England. But then, they do literally have Land’s End there (the official end of English Land where it gives way to water).

What did you do this summer?

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